Monday, April 27, 2009

Record attendance?

Cub Adult Camp this weekend was the largest event I've attended at Camp Rock Enon.  There were people everywhere.

I heard that there were 512 registrants not including staff. 

Isn't that amazing though?  

500+ Cub Scouts and adults (parents and leaders) braved the 95+ degree weather, and worked through a busy day of field games, bb shooting, archery, leather craft, hiking, obstacle course, and fishing.

The "Hep Pa Stuf"store stayed busy with $1 drinks, snacks and Camp Rock Enon baubles.

By the time the campfire was over, wing dings consumed, and kids hit the sack, it was almost 10:30.

What a great day for Scouting!

(Kudos to Rachel Ringler and her staff!)

What did you think of the weekend?  Comment and let us know!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Camperships in need of a campership!

Following up on an earlier post--our campership fund needs campership funds!

The Camp Rock Enon fan page on Facebook just released an announcement that with a record demand this year, the fund is in the red.  The council is helping every way they can.

As of today, 27 Scouts have been helped to the tune of $2300.

The Facebook Update challenged its fans to generate $10 per fan to put the fund back in the black.  Could be a lot of fun to see how that challenge will work out!

If you would like to help out with the challenge, feel free to drop a check for any amount to:

Attn.:  Campership Fund
107 Youth Development Court
Winchester VA  22602

(Write "Blog" on the "Memo" line and we'll track the results--readers or fans!)

Oh, and become a "Fan of Camp Rock Enon" while you are on Facebook!

CRE (and the CRE fans) really are the best

Camp Rock Enon High Adventure Video

Remember to breathe...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Camperships to Camp Rock Enon

Summer camp is right around the corner.  Long, hot days, plenty of bugs, great programs, and plenty of swimming.  

This year's summer camp rates are a bargain.

But some Scouts will have trouble making ends meet.  
And that is where your Order of the Arrow at Camp Rock Enon comes in.  The Shenshawpotoo Lodge offers "camperships" to help defray the costs for those Scouts in need.

Flip back to page 17 (out of 19 in the document) for the Campership Application.  Scouts may qualify for up to 50% credit.  Only Shenandoah Area Council Scouts may apply.

This is available for Cub Scouts as well as Boy Scouts.

The deadline is fast approaching:  15 APR 2009.  Get yours in today!

Has your unit used the Campership program?  Are you seeing more need this year?  Have you even heard of the Campership program?  Comment!