Thursday, May 20, 2010

Share YOUR Fun at Camp Rock Enon

Have you ever had fun at Camp Rock Enon?

Earned a merit badge, used a shotgun, climbed a cliff, caught a fish...or just enjoyed a cold day in the snow?


Last year, thousands of Scouts stayed for summer camp or came back for other weekends during the off-season.

Camp Rock Enon would like to hear from YOU!

Here's how...

You can post your pictures and comments to Camp Rock Enon on Facebook.
Search for Camp Rock Enon and friend  CRE has even been known to add comments and chat a little.
Camp Rock Enon really likes to be tagged on pictures.  When you look as good as CRE, that's just the way it is.

Camp Rock Enon has email.  Yep, and it isn't the Ranger's email either.
Send a picture and a little information about what you did at camp, and we'll share it on this blog.
Have an idea?  CRE can forward your camp suggestion straight to the Camping Committee.  Seriously, CRE is that powerful.

Do you tweet?  Camp Rock Enon does!  "Follow" me, boys!...and girls!...and adults!  Now that CRE has wireless, the birds aren't the only ones who tweet.

Scouts and Scouters--if you see Pooh, tell him I'm watching...always watching...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beaver invasion predicted!

CRE Beaver Days
Saturday, May 29, 2010
Wednesday, June 2, 2010

If you are that person who can perform any type of labor to help the camp (and its weary old ranger), please report to Camp Rock Enon at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, May 29, 2010, to participate in the Beaver Day.  Or, if you are RETIRED, UNEMPLOYED, or OTHERWISE AVAILABLE, a special weekday Beaver Day is scheduled for Wednesday, June 2, 2010. 

There will all sorts of projects to complete (a partial list is included below), and EVERYONE IS WELCOME. 

Projected projects:
·       Distribute and set up tents and cots in all sites.
·       Roofing repairs at various locations.
·       Install electrical service to first Adirondack in Sleepy Hollow campsite.
·       Straighten and brace rope bridge and climbing rope in Obstacle Course.
·       Burn refuse at burn pile.
·       Various projects at Waterfront area:
·       Install new light fixture in shelter
·       Remove old siding boards from tower
·       Rake and level sand along beach area
·       Clean walk-in refrigerators and replace screening at Dining Hall.
·       Clean all shower houses and re-caulk around tiles in Adult Showers.

Many other projects are available and may be assigned.  Tools will be provided, but you are encouraged to bring your own favorites, especially if you have power tools you want to show off.  Please come ready with your own work gloves, sturdy boots, and clothes that you don't mind getting dirty!  Pick-up trucks are especially needed.

Lunch will be provided by the camp.

Who's invited?  Everyone!  Bring troops, packs, crews, families, and friends;  but most of all, bring yourselves, so you can be proud of your work for Camp Rock Enon!

Please contact Ranger Frank at 540-858-2551 for more information.