Thursday, May 21, 2009


ScoutSigns: BOGO at

Just received confirmation from the Great and Mighty Pooh that these uniform items are fine for camp staff in need of a few pieces to round out their summer wardrobe.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

CRE Beaver Day announced

Straight from the home office:
This message is for everyone interested in making Camp Rock Enon the best it can be!

As many of you know, our Camp Ranger, Frank Moore, has been out of commission for the last month due to an accident. Bob Hickel has stepped in and is doing a great job in getting camp ready to open, but it is definitely a job for many and not just one.

 If you are that person that wants to help make “The Rock” the best it can be and can perform any type of labor to help the camp, please report to Camp Rock Enon at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, May 30, 2009, to participate in the Beaver Day.  There will all sorts of projects to complete (a partial list is included below), and EVERYONE IS WELCOME.  Please contact the Scout Office, 540-662-2551 or to let us know if you are participating so we can make sure we have enough food for everyone. 

Many other projects are available and may be assigned.  Tools will be provided, but you are encouraged to bring your own favorites, especially if you have power tools you want to show off.  Please come ready with your own work gloves, sturdy boots, and clothes that you don't mind getting dirty! 

Lunch will be provided by the camp. 

Who's invited?  Everyone!  Bring troops, packs, crews, families, and friends;  but most of all, bring yourselves, so you can be proud of your work for Camp Rock Enon!

There is a Facebook event--check it out!

Friday, May 1, 2009

CRE To-Do List!

Here is the standing "to do" list at Camp Rock Enon.

With the Camp Ranger down, CRE will need a little extra help!  Please contact Dave Winsatt in the interim to help coordinate the activity.  You can reach Dave at 540-662-2551 or via email.

1a           Clean gutters on all buildings     

1a           Put Up Tents in all Sites                                                 

1a           Put Up Cots in all Sites                                                   

1a           Rebuild Bunks in Hilltop                                                 

1a           Rebuild 10 Rifle Target Stands   

1a           Rebuild Three Archery Target Stands

1a           Put down Safety Tape on steps of Dining Hall

                                                MUST BE DRY!!!!             

1a           Put down Safety Tape on Bridge across creek by Nature                                                                

1a           Put up safety tape around all ranges

1a           Repair Tent Platforms in all Campsites

1a           Repair Latrine in Cooper with supplies from Sutton

1a           Put down Safety Tape on bridges to Nature

1a           Replace Light Covers in Youth Showers 

1b           Construction Cleanup                                                    

                                Laurel Ridge                                                       


                                Indian Village                                                     


1b           Complete Electrical Work on Staff Hill                                                     

                                Put up three more poles

                                Strap Conduit to all poles

                                Install Circuit Breaker Power Strips

1c            Cleaning                                                                               

                                Adult Showers                                                  

                                Youth Showers                                                 

                                Staff Showers                                                    

                                Bowman Showers                                                           

                                Bowman Bathrooms                                                       

                                Buffalo Bathrooms                                                          

                                Dining Hall Bathrooms                                                    

                                Trading Post Bathrooms                                                                


1c            Spray New Construction with Water Treatment

                                Latrines in           Indian Village

                                Big Oaks               Sleepy Hollow  

                                Tall Timbers        Hilltop                                   

                                Laurel Ridge       Hickory Ridge                                     

                                Sutton  Ranges                                 

                                Spray Shelters in              Cooper                                 

                                Indian Village     Ranges                                 

1c            Repair loose stones on Buttress               

1c            Repair Joints and Corners in Adult Showers that are apart

1c            Put Nylon rope on shower pulls               

1c            Clear 30' around all buildings

1c            Clean up Staff Hill 

Camp Ranger down!

Scouts and Scouters--news flash!

Camp Ranger Frank Moore is down, literally.  He fell off a ladder installing an exhaust fan on the dining hall.  Apparently a dislocated shoulder and a broken hip has brought him to the hospital.

Frank is facing surgery, and I'm sure would appreciate everyone's prayers and well-wishes.

Needless to say, at the height of the busy season to prepare Camp Rock Enon for a busy summer, there is a lot to do now, and not a lot of Camp Ranger to do it.

Watch for a list of projects soon that will need quick volunteer efforts to get squared away.

Let's help Frank recover by taking CRE's "to do" list off his plate.

Check CRE on Facebook for updates.  And, the blog of course.