Saturday, October 3, 2009

CRE Beaver Day 31 OCT 2009

You'll still get home in time for Hallowe'en!

But first, CRE needs your help.  If you have an hour or a day, whether you are an expert or use words like "thingamabob" and "doohickey", we need your help.

Camp Rock Enon Beaver Day
October 31st 9am – 4pm
(Lunch Provided)
Projects for clans or large groups (8 to 12 people):
·       Paint exterior windows and trim at Bowman Lodge.
·       Install water diverters in walking trail below Pinecrest Site.
·       Clean gutters at Trading Post, Bowman Lodge, Buffalo Lodge, Med Lodge, and Dining Hall.
·       Clean in and around enclosure behind Dining Hall.
·       Remove leaves under front porch of Buffalo Lodge and front steps of Dining Hall.
·       Take down, cut, and distribute 2 trees at Ranger's house.
·       Perform following tent platform repairs:
o   Big Oaks - platform supports (2 platforms)
o   Hepner - damaged cross brace
o   Hepner - 2 platforms with centers sagging
o   Hickory Ridge - platform with center sagging
o   Hilltop - 2 platforms
o   Pinnacle - install cross brace
o   Pinecrest - damaged floor board (2 platforms)
o   Staff Hill - platform with center sagging
·       Replace platform flooring:
o   Hepner - 3 platforms
o   Hickory Ridge - 2 platforms
o   Laurel Ridge - 2 platforms
o   Sleepy Hollow - 4 platforms
o   Sutton - 4 platforms

Projects for smaller groups:
·       Install bench seating at OA ceremony circle.
·       Replace window panes at Bowman Lodge (family quarters), Trading Post, and Tall Timbers cabin.
·       Repair screens at Dining Hall: front screen doors (2), front right corner window, road side near exit door, front side toward Bowman.
·       Repair front steps at Med Lodge.
·       Build concrete handicapped ramp at end of existing ramp at Med Lodge and concrete step at new porch of Trading Post.

Electrical repairs:
·       Bowman Lodge - light out in Family Quarters, check power to barbecue pit
·       Dining Hall (kitchen) - light out under hood, check lights in utility closet, light out in storage area
·       Frontier Lodge - replace orange wire with flex wire
·       Garrabrandt Lodge - check light to flag pole for short
·       Staff Area - lights in showers area and in lounge
·       Quartermaster Shed:
·       Clean out/organize storage area.
·       Place pallets on floor under supplies.
·       Showers:
·       Clean or replace shower curtains - Youth, Adult, and Staff Showers.

Plumbing Repairs:
·       Adult Showers - handle on first sink
·       Bowman Lodge - hot side of sink in main area restroom, elements for water heater to female dorm
·       Hepner - ball valve at sink leaking
·       Med Lodge - shower shut-off valve, sink shut-off valve, leak under commode
·       Trading Post - flush handle (restroom #1), element/thermostat for water heater
·       Leak in main line between kitchen and showers.
·       Leak in main line between Pinecrest and Hilltop.
·       Leak at valve in Indian Village.
·       Leak in pipe next to door at pump house.

Roofing Repairs:
·       Dining Hall and Kitchen - check for leaks around ventilators
·       Frontier Lodge - install chimney flashing
·       Hepner - hole in roof of sink pavillion
·       Med Lodge - repair roof above gutter (right side of building)
·       Pinecrest - damaged shingles on cabin
·       Scoutcraft - pavillion roof need extensive repair
·       Sutton - minor repairs to shingles on pavillion

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