Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Footwear Policy for Camp Rock Enon--Effective Immediately



The below policy is hereby effective immediately regarding proper footwear use at Camp Rock Enon:

1. Open-toed shoes, and/or sandals, and Vibram FiveFinger type shoes are not appropriate footwear at Camp Rock Enon and are prohibited anywhere on the property except in the showers.

2. Scouts, leaders and staff must wear closed-toed shoes to all meals, daily activities and evening activities. Closed-toed shoes are defined as sneakers or tennis shoes, trail shoes, or hiking boots.

3. Rubber clogs (Brand Name - Crocâ clogs) with closed toe and strap are permitted during the following times:

v  Directly from campsite to shower house and back.
v  Free time in campsite.
v  Directly from campsite to waterfront and back (if you are planning to go from waterfront to another activity you must wear closed-toe shoes as described in paragraph 1).
v  Specific times your activity requires water shoes (example: creek exploration).

The wearing of socks with the rubber clogs shoes is highly encouraged to minimize slippage, blisters, and cuts.

4. Visitors will only be allowed as far as the dining hall in open-toed footwear. Visitors must have the appropriate closed-toed footwear to proceed to the campsites and program areas.

5. The on duty Camp Director, Ranger, or Campmaster are the final authority in determining whether footwear is unsafe on Camp Rock Enon property. You may also direct any questions regarding this policy to these same individuals or the Camping Committee.

6. Campers, leaders, and staff will be required to return to there campsite immediately to change into appropriate footwear for those activities requiring closed-toed shoes. Continued non-compliance with this policy may result in the offender losing program privileges or being asked to leave Camp Rock Enon property. Other actions may be taken at the discretion of the Shenandoah Area Council and Camping Committee as deemed appropriate.

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