Monday, March 9, 2009

2009 Webelos Crossover at Camp Rock Enon

Webelos Crossover is coming up fast!  Our Webelos are aging out into the Boy Scout troops of their choice.

The main event will be at Camp Rock Enon from 03-05 APR 2009.  Past years have brought everything from great camping, to soggy, dripping 40 degree days and windstorms at night--OK, still great camping.

"Be prepared" indeed!

Each boy comes a Webelos Scout and leaves a Boy Scout.  The weekend is full of activity, including all of the requirements for Scout and Tenderfoot (the final test of the Tenderfoot physical fitness is done with the new troop in 30 days).  Each boy will make the move from shooting BB guns to .22 rifles.  Leatherwork merit badges are earned by all.  

The deadline for getting in your paperwork is 20 MAR.  They will not accept registrations after this date, so contact the Scout Office at 540-662-2551 and get signed up!

Webelos Scouts:  $40
Adults:  $20

Boy Scouts who come up for the ceremony and plan to camp overnight need to register by then too.  They can pre-purchase dinner when they register for $5.

This is a great experience for your Scouts to get them started down the trail to Eagle.

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