Monday, July 6, 2009

Centennial Patch Design Competition at CRE

[Reposted from the Shenandoah Area Council blog.]

Competition Announcement

The Shenandoah Area Council is inviting all Scouts and Scouters to submit a design for our local Centennial Celebration patch.

Submissions will be accepted at the Scout Office and at Camp Rock Enon until 15 AUG 2009.

A committee will review designs and have a graphic artist prepare final patch designs in September.

The winning designer will receive recognition for designing the patch set and a complete set of patches.

Design Requirements

Required lettering:

• “Shenandoah Area Council”

• “Centennial Celebration”

• “BSA” or BSA logo

• “1910 – 2010”

A possible working concept:

A four inch round patch with a half-inch blank space around the edge has been proposed. The central space (a three inch round) would have an embroidered design incorporating the design and wording. Each event during the centennial year would have a segment to be added to the blank half-inch rim. A CSP will also be developed using this design.

Or create your own design!

100th Anniversary Patch Competition Registration Form

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