Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Cub Resident Camp Leader Guide available

[OK, a little snowy in this picture, but it sure won't look like this in June!]

Welcome all! I am very excited about overseeing Cub Resident Camp, and I hope everyone is looking forward to an exciting time at Cub Resident Camp this summer. Let’s face it; the highlight of the Scouting year is summer camp. It is time to learn new skills, make new friends and enjoy the outdoors. Scouts from all over the council will meet at camp looking for a fun filled program for either a few nights or an entire week. Our Staff has been preparing a fantastic summer program that is filled with memories to last a lifetime.
Did you know that if your pack attends a summer camp your Scouts are more likely to stay involved in the Scouting program? Please take time to prepare for your adventure at camp. Remember that it’s not so much the amount of requirements completed as it is to gain knowledge, develop confidence, appreciate our natural environment and ensure its survival. For more information and forms please visit I look forward to meeting all of you this summer at camp!
To help make sure you and your Scouts are prepared for camp we have prepared this in-depth guide of everything you need to know for camp. Please take time to read this guide from cover to cover, absorb all of the information in it and pass it along to your other leaders and your Scouts. Remember it is each pack’s responsibility to organize their leadership in a way that allows the boys to attend camp.
In order to ensure you have trained leader we will be offer BALOO training each week of Cub Camp.
Let’s put the "outing" back in Scouting! Celebrate America and its history with us this summer.
Rachel Ringler
Cub Resident Program Director

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