Monday, January 24, 2011

Service Projects at the Rock!

Ranger Frank has a list of many projects which need to be completed to ensure that Camp Rock Enon is truly a “Scouter’s Paradise” and to make the camp ready for the upcoming camp seasons.  Some projects require no specialized skills or tools, while others can only be properly completed by skilled artisans with specialized tools and materials.  The projects also vary in the number of participants and manhours needed for completion.

If you would like to work on a service project for Camp Rock Enon, whether as part of a weekend camping trip or just by coming to camp for the day, please contact Ranger Frank at (540)336-6493 and ask for a project.  If you have a suggestion for a project that is not already on the list, please mention it at that time.

Many supplies needed for these projects may not normally be available at the camp, so plans for service projects must be discussed with Ranger Frank and approved at least two weeks in advance to obtain purchase orders to ensure availability of materials.  Of course, any donations of materials by individuals and units toward these projects will be gratefully appreciated.

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