Thursday, July 8, 2010

Whispering Rock--08 JUL 2010

The Whispering Rock
“We must change boys from a „what can I get‟ to a „what can I give‟ attitude.”-Lord Robert Baden-Powell
Evening Schedule
4:30-Bird on a Stoop-Parade Field
7:00-Iron Man-Buttress
8:30-Movie Night-Bowman
Outdoor Skills Out-post-Buttress

Thurs: The Trading Post will be selling can drinks, popcorn, and candy at Bowman during the first 30 minutes of Movie Night.

  • Can drink $1
  • Cup-O-Popcorn 50¢
  • Bag-O-Popcorn $1
  • Candy 25¢

Ok-so its only five degrees but we’ll take what we can get. with highs in the mid-90s. North winds around 5 mph

Softball Score
In a hard fought battle the Staff prevailed over the Scout Leaders and Scouts with a score of
11 to 5. Thanks for a great game!

Who Beat the Bear?
We had several leaders who braved the heat and faced down the Bear.
Curtis From Troop 50
John from 91
Adam from 54
Curtis beat the Pooh and John Beat Curtis
Then John and Curtis teamed up to face down the Bear and the Adam and came out victorious.

Water Carnival!
The Water Carnival was a “Popping” experience.

  • Canoe Swamp— 381/33 had 13 kids before swamping the canoe.
  • Greased Watermelon contest was won by Staff who turned the watermelon to Troop 289.
  • Best Dive — Erik — Troop 33
  • Best Belly Flop -Steve-575
  • Biggest Splash — Brad-Troop 83
  • Most Creative — Shane-Staff

Rest in Peace Caruso
Thank you to Chasity for being the first woman to compete in the Water Carnival.
She had the most points and was crowned “Queen of Water Carnival”!

Don‟t forget Pooh Golf at 3pm down at the Trading Post.
We need Scouts to show up at 2:45 to set up the course.

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